Art Conservation Service



Artist Cristina Beth is able to offer a restoration service for paper works and paintings. Trained under Charlie Rose a conservator for more than 50 years, Cristina has many years experience as a painter/printmaker herself and a Masters from Elam.


Works on paper can deteriorate over time due to humidity, light, age, storage issues or use of inferior materials that are not archival. The result is a condition called foxing, a mould spore which produces brown spots on the paper. Left untreated this condition will worsen and eventually ruin the work.


Paintings also age over time with dust, grime, smoke damage. The varnish becomes tarnished and discoloured masking the painting underneath. Or the paint may be cracked and lifting due to dirt and mould on the surface. It is possible to remove the old varnish, repair any paint flaking and revarnish the work. This process restores the painting to its original condition.

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