2018                Te Uru Contemporary  “Roll Call”

                        Art Gallery                  


2017                Lake House              The Peace Poppy Photographic Exhibition

                        Art Gallery                 Blikfang  Artist Talk

                        Depot Artspace        Members Show

                        Moss Green              Medicine Mondiale Exhibition


2016                Studio One Toi Tu    The Peace Poppy Photographic Exhibition


                         Community               “The Peace Poppy Project”  displays at:

                                                               Western Park, Ponsonby, Titirangi Roundabout       

                                                               Waikumete Cemnotaph, Todd Triangle, New Lynn

2016                  Uxbridge Gallery  Estuary Art Awards Finalist @ Malcolm Smith Gallery


 2016                 The Depot Artspace, Solo Show of Dreamtime Series




                           MAGS Fine Art      Group show


2015                  MAGS                    School Art fair


2015                  Uxbridge

                           Art Centre           Finalist Estuary Art Awards


2015                  Community        “The Peace Poppy Project”


                                                        Supported by Auckland Council/Hamilton Council     

                                                        Participating Galleries:

                                                        Papakura / Franklin/ Uxbridge/ Te Uru

                                                        Upstairs Art Gallery/ Mangere Art Centre/ Studio One/

                                                        Lake House Art Centre/ Kumeu Art Centre/ Estuary Art

                                                        Fresh Gallery/ Hobsonville Point/ Nathan Homestead

                                                        WCCAC/ West Coast gallery/ 12 schools/ RSA’s/

                                                        Botany Town Centre/ Tauranga Bayfair Centre /                  

                                                        The Palms, Christchurch Historical groups/

                                                        Libraries and community groups


                                                        35 displays - 42,000 poppies


2014                  Community         “The Peace Poppy Project”

                                                        Supported by Waitakere /Whau local boards


                                                        Nine displays with 8000 poppies


2013                  Lopdell House    (February) “Pillar”

                                                       3.5m high stack of mattress fabric/ plus photos


                           Community         (April) “The Peace Poppy Project”

                                                        Supported by Waitakere Council / Lopdell Gallery

                                                       1000 hand made felt poppies installed at

                                                       Titirangi Roundabout


                           Community            La Rosa Stream Project     

                                                       (May) Supported by Waitakere council

                                                       Working with school/preschools   

                                                       Making flags and clay sculptures


                           The Depot             (July) “Mirco Confession”

                                                      110 round fabric discs and digital prints with paint     


 2012                 Feista Coffee        “Feista flowers”

                            Lounge                Paintings and prints



2010                 Feista Coffee         “Mary, Mary Quite contrary…”

                           Lounge                   Flower Paintings



2009                 Wall Gallery           (April) “Residual”

                                                           Solo show –

                                                           Handmade Etch Prints


2009                Laundramat            Solo show

                         Gallery                    Tauranga



2008                Lopdell House        (Dec – Feb)” Stitch “ Exhibition

                                                           Group Invited artists –

                                                           Hand stitched Cord


                         Corbans                 (Dec – Jan) Graduate show

                                                            Group Show –

                                                            Handmade Print Books


                         Lopdell House        (Feb – April) “Openings “

                                                            Exhibited with Gavin Hipkins & Justin Morgan

                                                            Charcoal drawings & Paintings

                                                            Series of 9 drawings purchased through

                                                            Lopdell House to Waitakere City council


2007                Kohia School           (June)

                                                         Group Show



                         Community            Laingholm School     

                                                         Outdoor mural


2006                PPG Gallery             (Dec) Solo Show

                                                          Paintings & drawings


2005                Corbans                   (July –Aug)” Rememberance”

                                                          Exhibited with Sarah Munro & Laren Lysaght

                                                          Hand cut wallpaper lightboxes


2004                 Upstairs Gallery         (March)” Circadia”

                                                          Group show paintings